• GMOs Dinner? or Disaster? Tune In!

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    June 25, 2013 @ 4:30 am – 6:00 am
    Channel 55 (Oahau) Channel 54 on the other islands of Hawaii

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    Channel 55 on O’ahu, channel 54 on the neighbor islands.

    • 24th Pro/Anti-GMO Presentation
    • 25th Pro/Anti-GMO Presentation
    • 26th Live Debate Pro / Anti-GMO Expert Panel
    • 27th Public Response, Your Questions Answered Live!

    At ‘Olelo we are out to make a difference.  As clients you do it every day, but every now and then an issue arises that takes our combined resources to address.

    Many of you have already produced many fine programs on GMO’s and if they aren’t currently airing, now may be the time to consider re-submitting them.

    Following the incident in Oregon State, public awareness is up once again and confusion seems to reign.

    We have gathered together experts from both sides to present their position on the GMO issue, engage each other in a lively forum and address the communities questions live.  Four nights of in-depth discussion on the issue.

    We invite you to tune in, but even more so we invite you to participate.  Twitter your

    questions or comments to #olelo/gmo.  The panel will address public comment live on  June 27th.


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