Our Vision

Supporting cleaner, healthier and more sustainable farming practices for Hawai‘i's communities.

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Resources for education and engagement in the public discussion on GMO agriculture.

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GMO Risks

Our state is ground zero for GMO seed crops. Learn about this industry's impacts on Hawai‘i.

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Latest News

The most current research, announcements, news and legislation about GMOs.

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Agriculture in Hawai‘i

From Papaya and Coffee to the legacy of the plantations; a look at local issues.

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Take Action

Whether you are a doctor, legislator, farmer or citizen there are countless ways to get involved.

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About GMOs

Information about the human health, environmental and economic consequences of GMO agriculture in our state.


Your source for upcoming events, news and policy initiatives about GMOs, sustainable farming and research in Hawai‘i.

Take Action

Whether you are a legislator, a teacher or an everyday citizen, there are many things you can do to help us steer the future of our lands and communities back on course.

Local Issues

Did you know that Hawai‘i is the GMO seed testing capital of the world? Learn more about the history and issues surrounding the presence of this industry in our islands.

For anyone who cares about the health of their families, this is a personal question. GMOs affect anybody who eats. —Walter Ritte