Local Issues

Hawai‘i is the genetic engineering experimental capital of the world. Thousands of acres of our arable Agricultural Lands are currently being used to test GMO seed crops that do not produce food for our people. Read more about some of the key crops and issues that have brought the GMO issue to the forefront of agriculture, farming and land use in the state.

Taro: Background on University of Hawai‘i’s attempts to patent and create genetically modified taro cultivars,  as well as current information and call to action!

Papaya: The risk of GE papaya contaminating organic and non-GE papaya varieties and the economic impact on local production.

Coffee: The attempt to experiment with genetically engineered coffee varieties and why the coffee industry resisted, successfully.

Sustainable Agriculture: A different vision for local agriculture in Hawai‘i, one that draws upon our traditional knowledge and cultural wisdom to create healthy, sustainable food systems for our Islands.