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    Aloha GMO Free Kaua’i Supporters,

    Hope this summer solstice finds you in good spirits.  We have three local upcoming GMO Free events, including a new , VERY exciting draft bill introduced by Gary Hooser and Tim Bynum, relating to Pesticides and GMO’s.  We also wanted to give you more info about a ‘Olelo special program on GMO’s titled “GMOS, Dinner?  Or Disaster?”, which starts on Monday the 24th (web link included).  Finally we wanted to invite you to join a GMO Free Kauai group marching tomorrow morning at the “Mayor-A-Thon”.

    1) Kaua’i Pesticide and GMO draft bill !!!!
    So we here at GMO Free Kauai are very excited about this upcoming bill and strongly urge you to come out and support it. If not please consider writing written testimony in support of the bill. It looks like there will be a first reading this coming Wednesday at the county council.  It may come up as early as 10:30am, session starts at 9am, lets fill the seats then before the biotech guys fill the room.

    Sign a petition in support of this bill here…

    If you cannot make it to the county council, please consider writing written testimony in support of the bill.
    Testimony can be made at counciltestimony@kauai.gov please reference the Bill #2491

    More information can be found on Gary Hooser’s facebook page about the bll.

    From that page, here’s his overview of what the bill will accomplish.
    The Bill if passed into law by a majority of members of the Kauai County Council the ordinance will:
    1) Require mandatory disclosure of Pesticide and GMO use by large commercial agricultural entities. It will not impact small farmers at all.
    2) Require a buffer zone between school, streams etc and large Pesticide users.
    3) Ban open air testing of experimental Pesticides and experimental GMO’s
    4) Establish a moratorium on new or expanded GMO operations pending the results of an EIS and development of a permitting system
    5) Require the County of Kauai to conduct a thorough Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the impact of the GMO industry and its related practices on Kauai County. This will include independent testing of soil, water, air and volunteer residents
    6) Require the establishment of a permitting system for GMO operations.
    7) Establishes penalties and a rule making process
    8) Provides that the EIS and the establishment of the permitting process may be paid for through property taxes directly associated to the operations being evaluated and through permitting fees to be established.

    2) Olelo special program – “GMOS, Dinner?  Or Disaster?”
    Channel 55 on O’ahu, channel 54 on the neighbor islands.

    For TV-Free & Off Island Household tune in (Hawaiian Time!!) to Chennel 55 LIve Stream here:

    24th Pro/Anti-GMO Presentation – 6:30PM
    25th Pro/Anti-GMO Presentation – 6:30PM
    26th Live Debate Pro / Anti-GMO Expert Panel – 6:30PM
    27th Public Response, Your Questions Answered Live! – 6:30PM

    At ‘Olelo we are out to make a difference. As clients you do it every day, but every now and then an issue arises that takes our combined resources to address.  Many of you have already produced many fine programs on GMO’s and if they aren’t currently airing, now may be the time to consider re-submitting them.  Following the incident in Oregon State, public awareness is up once again and confusion seems to reign.

    We have gathered together experts from both sides to present their position on the GMO issue, engage each other in a lively forum and address the communities questions live. Four nights of in-depth discussion on the issue.
    We invite you to tune in, but even more so we invite you to participate. Twitter your questions or comments to #olelo/gmo. The panel will address public comment live on June 27th.

    3) Mayor-a-thon
    Wanted to let everyone know this info about the Mayor-A-Thon was previously sent to the list from Steve Benjamin, with a benjamincleaning@gmail.com address.  Steve is going to be the newest additional editor for the GMO Free Kauai list with Jeri and myself), and we apologize for not letting everyone know in advance.  🙂

    Anyway, this event is tomorrow morning, it would be great if you are coming to join the GMO Free group so we can make a bigger presence.

    Aloha Ohana. Join us as part of the GMO freedom Team at the annual Mayor-a-thon at Kapaa Beach Park

    This an amazing fun event. There is prizes and music,and it is FREE. You can do 1,2,4,6 or 8 mile walk, bike or run on  Ke Ala Hele Makalae AKA Da Bike Path!
    Dogs on leashes are welcome!
    There is Zumba, Games, Prizes and drawings for bikes and resort stays

    They also have a FREE Event Bus that makes stops in:
    Kekaha, Waimea, Hanapepe, Kalaheo, Kukui Grove, Kapaa
    and then back again after the event!
    killer Zumba Class and you can either walk,run or be on a bike.
    This is an event for singles, married, keikis, seniors, bring your family and friend. Let’s make it fun.
    You can make your own tshirt with pro health,pro gmo free food .You can make them with used t-shirts or a simple white tshirt and fabric paint or Sharpies.Be creative! Red head bands are also welcome to keep us looking as a team.
    There are also free tshirt for the first 600 participants,but we want to have our own as a team.
    GMO free Hawaii will also have tshirts for sale should you want some for sale.
    We will meet at Kapaa Beach Park  Saturday June 22 7:15 AM. Look for the Green Balloons and the GMO FREE SIGN.
    Please post on your Facebook and invite your friends and family.
    RSVP with us and BE SURE to register at
    If you have any questions or your always appreciated suggestion please shoot us an email at momsforcleanfood@gmail.com .

    Tipping Point being reached! GMO Freedom Now!
    We want to be ambassadors of Aloha and educate people.You can jog and bike all you want but one of the most important things is the Food that you put in your body!!!We are for Labeling, Food Freedom and Transparency.

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