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    Aloha GMO Free Kaua’i Supporters,

    Please read the following announcement from Ohana O Kaua’i and Hawai’i Seed, regarding our shared efforts to pass bill 2491.  This is a critical time, so if you can help out in any way please do so.  Also , please go to www.stoppoisingparadise.org and sign the petition if you have not done so yet ( and you agree with it 🙂  ).   This is a great time to engage other members of the Kauai community and keep the discussion and sharing going about these serious issues.  Finally , if anyone wants to join the Gmo-Free Kaua’i email list, go to www.gmofreekauai.org, where anyone can subscribe themselves by entering their email address.



    The people of Kaua’i have 60 days to pass a vital ordinanceBill 2491 Related to Pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms, that will regulate the production of genetically modified organisms and the pesticides used to grow those organisms on our island.  Five commercial agriculture companies, four of them growing genetically modified crops account for 99% of the 3.5 tons of restricted use pesticides that are used annually on Kaua’i (Source:  Restricted Use Pesticides Sold on Kauai 2010-2012, Department of Agriculture).

    The people of Kaua’i have the right to know what pesticides and what genetically modified organisms are being used and the potential impacts that these substances are likely to have on our health and the environment.

    Ohana O Kaua’i, Hawaii SEED, and many others will be campaigning for 60 days to “Pass the Bill” and we are asking for donations to fund this historic campaign. Our goal is $18,000 to fund the hard costs of outreach through media outlets and organizing our communities.

    All funds raised will go to the hard costs of these efforts.  No one on our team is being paid for this – it’s a labor of love for our children, for the aina and for the future of our precious island.

    Your action now will have a lasting impact on the future of Kaua’i agriculture and the health of the people of Kaua’i and our environment.  Donations can be made through our non-profit Hawaii SEED by clicking the donate button on the following link: http://www.stoppoisoningparadise.org/#!donate/c1ghi

    Please contact me directly any time for more information.

    (Click highlighted text to view full Bill)


    Elijah Frank

    Ohana O Kaua’i

    (808) 391-1407

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