• Please support Kaua`i Bill 2491 NOW! This Wednesday!

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    Please support Kaua`i bill 2491 for the right to know what restricted and experimental pesticides are being used by large chemical companies on our island.

    We are on the agenda for Wednesday morning.

    Mahalo to the rainbow warriors

    Copy & Paste! :

    Please add name, City, Zip ( feel free to add your concerns)

    and send to: counciltestimony@kauai.gov 

    My name is ______ and I am writing in support of Kauai County Council Members, Gary Hooser and Tim Bynum, County Bill 2491 that will give us the right to know what chemicals are being sprayed when and where, also ban open air experiments and demand that the impacts of the biotech GMO agriculture be studied through an Environmental Impacts Statement (EIS).

    ~ I am extremely concerned about the open air chemical hazards of GMOs to biodiversity, food safety, human and animal health, and demand a moratorium on environmental releases in accordance with the precautionary principle.

    ~ I am opposed to GM crops that will intensify corporate monopoly, increase chemical usage, exacerbate inequality and prevent the essential shift to sustainable agriculture that can provide food security and health around the world.

    ~ I call for a ban on patents of life-forms and living processes which threaten food security, sanction biopiracy of indigenous knowledge and genetic resources and violate basic human rights and dignity.

    ~ I demand more support on research and development of non-corporate, sustainable agriculture that can benefit family farmers all over the world.

    Aloha Aina, Malama Pono.


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    GMOs: Dinner or Disaster?

    •  June 24-27 on Channel O’AHU 55 at 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. (Hawaiian time -10 GMT)
    • The shows will air on all of the Neighbor Islands on Channel 54:
    • Akakū in Maui County
    • Nā Leo ‘O Hawai’i on the Big Island
    • Ho’ike Kauai
    • The shows will be available for online viewing through ‘ŌleloNet On Demand  visit www.olelo.org

    How to educate yourself about GMO’s using olelo.org

    Learn about GMOs in Hawaii on OleloNet from Hawaii Seed on Vimeo.

    Check out one of our very favorite leaders of the GMO Free rainbow warriors,
    Dustin Barca. Pro surfer, MMA athlete and leader for justice and a better world.




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