• Sept. 6, 2016: “Gene Drives: Who Decides for Hawai’i?”

    Posted on August 25, 2016 by in EventCalender, Events, Facing Hawaii's Future

    Gene drives are a high risk genetic engineering application that can entirely re-engineer ecosystems, create fast spreading extinctions, and intervene in living systems at a scale far beyond anything yet imagined. Join lawyer and journalist Claire Hope Cumming in a conversation with a panel of experts as they discuss the cultural, biological, and moral implications of a Gene Drive Mosquito release proposed for Hawai’i.

    Hokulei Lindsey, Native Hawaiian Advocate
    Dana Perls, Senior Campaigner, Friends of the Earth
    Jim Thomas, Program Director, ETC Group

    Sponsored by:
    Hawai’i SEED
    ETC Group
    Friends of the Earth
    Biofuel Watch

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