• Stop Poisoning Paradise.org

    Posted on June 21, 2013 by in Action Alert!, Legislation

    Stop Poisoning Paradise.org  the health of our people and island are at stake. We need to know what restricted use and experimental chemicals are being sprayed so that we can take precaution. We all agree on the importance of protecting our county rights to Home Rule. Kauai decides about Kauai, and we say, we love our island, we care about our island’s future. In the last 12 years the state and the feds have not helped us. It is up to us. The best warriors are lovers because what we love we will protect. We gonna nevah stop loving this aina. Come in peace, with aloha, on Wed at 10am to the county council chamber. Keep it akamai, and write the best speech of your life. Happy solstice, the times they are a changin. YES ON 2491

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