• UPDATE!! LOCATION CHANGED!! Official Public Hearing for Ordinance 2491 for Kaua’i County!

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    July 31, 2013 @ 11:00 pm – August 1, 2013 @ 3:00 am
    NEW!!!Veterans Center near Vindina Stadium. The facility that has the little jet in front
    3215 Kapule Highway
    Lihue, HI 96766
    Kauai Council


    Public Hearing for Ordinance 2491 for Kaua’i County! The time is now, please plan on rallying your support for this bill. This is far overdue! Yes on 2491! Kaua’i has the right to know!The heart of the issue is the “right to know”. Kauai’s people have the right to know what pesticides and GMO’s are being used within our County, and we have the right to know what those impacts are – direct impacts, indirect and long-term cumulative impacts.The Bill if passed into law by a majority of members of the Kauai County Council the ordinance will:1) Require mandatory disclosure of Pesticide and GMO use by large commercial agricultural entities. It will not impact small farmers at all.2) Require a buffer zone between school, streams etc and large Pesticide users.3) Ban open air testing of experimental Pesticides and experimental GMO’s.4) Establish a moratorium on new or expanded GMO operations pending the results of an EIS and development of a permitting system.5) Require the County of Kauai to conduct a thorough Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the impact of the GMO industry and its related practices on Kauai County. This will include independent testing of soil, water, air and volunteer residents.6) Require the establishment of a permitting system for GMO operations.7) Establishes penalties and a rule making process.

    8) Provides that the EIS and the establishment of the permitting process may be paid for through property taxes directly associated to the operations being evaluated and through permitting fees to be established.

    Read the full Bill here http://www.stoppoisoningparadise.org/

    Aloha Ohana, there will be red ” Pass the Bill ” shirts available Friday in front of Papaya’s from 10 to 11am…I believe they are $10. Only M, XL, XXL for now. More coming Saturday…come if can to facilitate delivery for our T-shirts angel ; )
    Remember if you have only 1 day this year to stand for our Rights and our Health , Tednesday the 31st, before 1pm ( more early is betta) at Kauai Veterans Center IS DA DAY!!!

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